Cahn Fellows Program

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525 West 120th Street
New York

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About Us

The Cahn Fellows Program was established fifteen years ago to provide recognition and leadership development to the highest performing public school principals in New York City. Partnered with and located at Teachers College, the one-year program has reached a degree of success and achievement that seeks to expand from two cities to a national platform.

Mission: The Cahn Fellows Program seeks to improve large urban public schools by recognizing their best school leaders and developing their leadership skills in order to help boost their teachers and, ultimately, outcomes for students.

Position Snapshot: Can you take the lead to bring the program that takes the best public school principals in New York City and Chicago to a national scale? The fifteen-year-old Cahn Fellows program, located at and partnered with Teachers College at Columbia University, is ready to make the leap. If you believe in public education, if you believe in leadership, if you believe in your own leadership, if you are entrepreneurial and can work in a small environment in a complex institutional world, this offers you a great chance for actualizing your hoped-for impact.