Developing Solidarities

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1503 Maribel Street
San Juan
Puerto Rico

About Us

Developing Solidarities is a workers-owned social enterprise whose mission is to support community-based organizations working in disadvantaged communities. We work hand in hand with residesnts, academics, students, youth groups and other volunteers to support projects that concerve and/or restore the natural environment, creat jobs and improve the well being of the communities. 

In Puerto Rico, Developing Solidarities works with self-managed, sustainable development projects located in urban, rural and costal settings and focus on environmental stewardship, microenterprise development, cultural preservation and quality of life issues. 

We offer Community-Service Learning and Volunteer Abroad programs for students, and people in general, that are interested in making a difference in the world.


Our mission is to support community-based organizations in "developing communities," providing them, through the work of our volunteers, with resources needed to achieve their economic, environmental and social goals.  


Our vision is the development of a society based on solidarity among human beings, in their search for wellbeing. We promote a society that puts the care for and wellbeing of nature, including human beings, at the center of every economic, social, cultural and technological endeavor.