Rise Africa Rise

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6 Orchard way
Cape Town
South Africa

About Us

Rise Africa Rise (RAR) is an emerging for profit social enterprise creating socially responsible fashion that is inspired by Africa’s rise, the continent’s growing economies and various cultures. The philosophy of Rise Africa Rise is to create fashion that makes a statement while contributing to Africa’s rise by ensuring that each item contributes to the empowerment of those producing it.

RAR is developing an innovative and inspirational brand that partners with cooperatives in the townships of South Africa to act as producers & suppliers of the fashion items. While the cooperatives are fully autonomous, RAR takes over the commercial responsibility to develop a market for the products and generate revenue to achieve sustainability for both RAR and the cooperative. It directly speaks to the South African government’s drive to empower cooperatives to become sustainable in response to the massive unemployment, poverty and social inequality. The fashion & textile industry is widely regarded as key to economic progress, because of its capacity to absorb unskilled labour into formal employment.