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About Us

UpEnergy is a distribution company that makes clean energy technologies available to people in the developing world by addressing the last-mile distribution challenge. UpEnergy is a technology agnostic organization that sources high quality, energy-efficient products like cookstoves, water filters and solar lights from reputable manufacturers. These technologies are then warehoused, marketed and sold through our own in-house sales force as well as through other local distributor channels. UpEnergy creates carbon credits from the distribution of these products which reduce carbon emissions for every year that they are in use.

Globally, an estimated 500 million developing country households use inefficient cooking methods that collectively emit nearly 1 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year and cause 1.6 million premature deaths from smoke exposure. Hundreds of millions more are without access to clean water or use inefficient methods to boil water.

Our mission is to get life-changing, affordable technologies to under-served communities in the developing world.