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About Us

The Breaking News Network curates and aggregates the best media and blog news feeds in 350 cities, ticker taping in real time 24×7 to an aggregate 500,000 local followers on social media. Not only do we aim for comprehensive and interesting local news and events coverage (avoiding car crashes and petty crime) , we focus on making it simple for the community - mayors, civic groups, arts organizations, good causes, etc. - to get their word out by amplifying their social media.

We’re unique because we provide a more comprehensive 360-degree view of local news than traditional media, and have garnered a dedicated local following based on our non-commercial, public service approach to the communities we serve. Finally, we’re developing a new type of advocacy marketing model by leveraging the network’s good will for brands who can add value to communities. Simply put, we’re converting civic, open source engagement into a hyperlocal word of mouth marketing platform.