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About Us

IssueVoter can empower you. Here’s how it works:

1) Choose issues that matter to you like healthcare or education.

2) Receive customizable real-time alerts about opportunities to take action.

3) Vote “support” or “oppose” on any of your issues.

Here’s what you get: 1) Customized alerts about bills that impact your issues 2) Bill summaries, pros/cons, and related articles 3) One click sends your opinion to your Representative 4) Notifications on the final vote on your bills, and stats on how often your Rep agrees with you

About: We’re advocates for every person to have an ability to influence change on issues that matter to them. Decisions and new laws are made every day that affet your life. IssueVoter is a technology that allows your voice to be heard by your representatives.

Mission: IssueVoter aims to • Extend engagement beyond elections by empowering constituents and informing elected officials • Change behaviors and fix aspects about politics that prevent progress and keep voters disengaged, and • Reshape politics and improve democracy.

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