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P.O. Box 10776, Kampala Uganda
Central Region

About Us

About the company

These are the very problems that East African company, SolarNow, was founded to

solve. It sells high-quality solar systems to fit the needs of rural households and small

entrepreneurs — from 50Wp home set-ups capable of powering a radio, phone and

small number of lights to 10KWp systems that can power a small office or machine – plus

a range of consumer electronics, including LED lights, televisions, fridges, flat irons and

water pumps.

Crucially, SolarNow also provides credit and service that allows customers to spread

payments over 24 months and receive service for 5 years. The company has an

extensive network of 45 branches in Uganda, is currently expanding operations to

Western Kenya, and considering further expansion for the future. SolarNow has all the

pieces in place to take optimal advantage of this unique market opportunity.

Mission: Transforming lives by providing sustainable energy solutions.

Values: Do the right thing

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