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About Us

Lighthouse Emporium provides turnkey solutions for community development. The main aim of the Lighthouse Emporium Co-operative is to distribute products and knowledge capable of raising individuals and communities into self reliant living.

Our ecommerce platform currently showcases water treatment products, air purifying devices, hydroponic systems, seeds, various lifestyle products and more. We attracted various suppliers and we continue to align with a whole range of green technologies such as waste to power, clean energy production, gray water systems and home health care products.

More exciting products are on the way. Our next launch will be the Oasis Series designed to equip communities with systems capable of producing food, water and energy.

Through our product sales and funding initiatives Lighthouse Emporium will invest in communities. By enabling and developing small scale farmers we restore local food security. These programs will initially focus on establishing commercial hydroponic farms but will extend into sustainable fish farming and wine farming.

Ground breaking science in the fields of nanotechnology and plasma will extend us into open research and development. We aim to provide education and extend knowledge into communities in need of growth.

The Lighthouse Emporium Co-operative will step back into regional distribution status to give others the opportunity to distribute breakthrough innovation in their communities.

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Lighthouse Emporium