Faire Collection

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United States

About Us

Faire Collection is the leading lifestyle brand of fair trade accessories. Formerly known as Andean Collection, we have transcended these geographic roots through an epic expansion in our upcoming Fall 2013 product line. We now design products which are responsibly sourced from our artisan partners in Vietnam, Swaziland, and Peru, as well as new regions within Ecuador, such as the Amazon.

Amanda Judge, Faire Collection CEO, and her Brooklyn-based design team, travel the world to collaborate with more than 225 artisans, and create trend-setting designs that reflect both the culture heritage of the country of origin, as well as the style influences of New York City.

As a social enterprise, Faire Collection substantially reduces poverty in the disadvantaged communities where we work. We also inspire further positive change through our social programs, such as educational scholarships and no interest loans, which are funded through your purchase.

With one life to live, we intend to make the most of it and inspire you to do the same. Join us on our journey and wear the change you want to see.