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About Us

MindSky is an online talent marketplace that connects employers and professionals across Africa. A for-profit social enterprise, MindSky was designed for the African marketplace by the team of professionals behind the Akilah Institute. Our mission is to connect employers to talented job seekers, simplifying the hiring process and making it easier for people to find great jobs in customer services and sales.

In January 2015, we launched the first phase of MindSky: An online career magazine with over 20 contributors who cover topics such as technology, startups, innovation, and career development in Africa. We receive tens of thousands of visitors each month and have built an audience of African professionals eager to build their career.

The second phase of MindSky-- a job platform and talent marketplace -- will launched in Rwanda in September 2016. The job platform allows job seekers to quickly create a professional profile and find and apply for exciting African career opportunities aligned with their skills and interests.

MindSky launches in Kenya in November 2016