What Are Some Tips to Stay Safe?

We do our best to keep Idealist a safe place for all users, but it’s always important to be careful when working with new organizations

Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you interact with our site:

  • Never send money to an individual you haven't yet met.
  • Use caution when donating to organizations that aren't well-documented, or if there's any reason whatsoever to doubt their legitimacy.
  • Don't participate in unusual financial exchanges involving bank account transfers or money orders. When in doubt, research and/or ask for referrals. Legitimate organizations will be happy to provide this information.
  • Never open an unsolicited video resume.​ Occasionally we hear from someone who's received a 'Video Resume' email link that took them to a malware-bearing webpage. These resumes do not come from our site, have no relation to actual Idealist users, and should be treated as spam and deleted immediately.

If you notice anything unusual or suspicious about a listing or an organization, please Report the Page or contact us