How To Avoid Burnout At Work

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As nonprofit employees, it’s all too easy to allow ourselves to become consumed by our work. But too much work often decreases our productivity and can lead to dissatisfaction. In other words, burnout.

Rosetta Thurman has outlined some tips on how to battle burnout:

Always Eat Lunch, Preferably Away From Your Desk

"Nonprofit work can get very hectic, no matter if you’re in the fundraising department or helping clients on the program side. It’s easy to ignore your growling stomach when there’s so much work to do in so little time. But you have to remember that everyone works better when they are adequately nourished. Please don’t skip meals while you’re on the clock. Breakfast is important, but so is lunch! And when you do eat lunch, try to eat away from your desk and take the full 60 minutes allotted as part of your official work hours. For extra credit, combine your eating time with a walk around the block for a little exercise around noon every day. Getting outside for a moment forces both your mind and body to relax for a bit, especially from the computer screen."

Read the rest of her advice here.

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