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Do You Dress up for Phone Interviews?

An antique telephone and an alarm clock.

You know you should dress professionally for an in-person interview and for a Skype interview. But if you’re at home, anxiously awaiting a hiring manager to call you on the phone, should you still dress professionally?

Over on Corn on the Job, Rich Dematteo explores this issue with his readers. On the one hand, if you do dress professionally, it’s less about impressing your potential employer and more about feeling more professional so that you perform better. But for some people, dressing casually works for them as they feel more comfortable. Check out the conversation here.

Personally, I’ve never dressed up for a phone interview, but I normally stand up the entire time. I find that I speak clearer and it’s easier for me to get out my nervousness/frustrations/excitement when I can move around.

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by Allison Jones

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