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Want To Use Your Graphic Design Skills For Good? Check Out These Opportunities!

Want To Use Your Graphic Design Skills For Good? Check Out These Opportunities!

Graphic design is a diverse field of work, encompassing web design, advertising, clothing, and much more. The work of graphic designers is all around us, and Idealist has hundreds of opportunities available for people looking to create the next big thing. Here are a few to explore:



Internships are a great option for people looking for more experience in the design field.

Volunteer Opportunities

Finally, if you’re a graphic designer that just wants to share your skills with others, check out some of the volunteer opportunities we have on the site.

Whether you need to build up your portfolio or just want to transfer your skills to the social impact sector, Idealist offers hundreds of graphic design opportunities every month. So get to work and make the world a better and more beautiful place!

About The Author | Matt Cifaldi was a Community Manager at Idealist. He's originally from Connecticut and started working at Idealist 2009 after jumping around from NYC, Alaska, Argentina, and back to NYC. He loves helping people use Idealist seeing the range of nonprofits that exist in the world! He likes to travel, brew beer, cook, and play hockey. He thinks he should probably live in Portland, but for now he lives in New York.

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