Personal Finance Snapshot | How a Nonprofit Employee Manages Her Money

Personal Finance Snapshot | How a Nonprofit Employee Manages Her Money

It can be hard to talk about money. While we often seek advice on how to earn more or manage what we have, it’s still a personal subject. However, The Billfold offers real perspectives and advice from people across the economic spectrum in a variety of fields. They occasionally feature the stories of people who work in the nonprofit sector and offer helpful finance tips. Check out some of their advice and stories below.

  • Ever wondered how a 29-year old artist/nonprofit worker living and working in New York balances a passion for art, social good, and finances? The Billfold interviews Margaret who gives an in-depth snapshot of her living situation:

"I do get really worried about living paycheck to paycheck actually. But I feel like with the art career and the full-time job, eventually I’m going to run out of enough energy for both. I think I learned by doing mostly. It’s not like I have a huge paycheck to work with. Sometimes I feel like I’m micromanaging it. A lot of my money management is focused on not running out of money ever.

I’m also looking for a higher paying job right now. I had a conversation with my boss about my workload and pay situation. A raise wouldn’t happen until the 2014 budget is approved—nonprofit budgets I guess."

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by Aaron McCoy

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