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Job Interview Coming Up? Learn How To Connect With Your Interviewer

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When preparing for an interview, it’s easy (and important!) to focus on what you’ll say—from preparing thoughtful questions to having a few good stories to share that illustrate why you’re a good fit. However, we tend to overlook the power of simply establishing a connection with the interviewer. Over at The Daily Muse, Katie Douthwaite shares three tips for developing rapport with your interviewer. Here’s one that stood out to us:

"2. Don’t Save Your Questions for the End

For example, say the interviewer asks you to talk about your most significant accomplishment at your last job. After you speak to the time you snagged your previous company’s largest client to date, continue with a question that moves the conversation along, like “I’d be excited to start making significant contributions here, as well—what are some of your company’s current goals or projects?”

You’ll spark a little back-and-forth conversation, which will not only help you learn more about the company, but will also prove to the interviewer that you’re truly interested in the position. Overall, you’ll bring a little life into what can often be a very formal, on-your-best-behavior kind of interaction."

Read the rest of her advice at The Daily Muse.

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