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How To Ease Into A New Job

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We’ve shared tips before on how to make the most of your first 100 days at work. And while it’s always great to think about your long-term projects and goals, what should you keep in mind as a new employee during the first few days or weeks?

On US News, Alison Green shares nine ways to transition into a new job. Here is one that stands out:

"Talk to your new boss about your goals for your first month and first six months. Unless you talk about this explicitly, you won’t know what a successful first month or six months would look like – and you shouldn’t guess. After talking it through, you might discover that while you’d assumed you’d need to become an expert on all your accounts in the next two months, your manager only expects you to gain basic familiarity with them and start working on a fraction of them. Or the reverse could be true, which would also be crucial to know."

Read the rest of her advice on US News.

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