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Nonprofit Finances, Corporate Sponsors, And Extreme Volunteering | What Happened This Week?

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Here’s a roundup of what’s buzzing in the social sector this week.

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  • Get some advice from Jackie Norris, executive director of the Points of Light Corporate Institute and an expert in corporate volunteerism, about how to connect best with corporate sponsors.
  • Here’s the story of Carrie Collins-Fadell, who, after her 35th birthday, decided to spend more than a year volunteering at 35 different nonprofits in 13 different states.
  • Forbes’ latest CFO Insights features Andre Alexander, who was recently named the CFO of nonprofit Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) and was previously the CFO for the Special Olympics. In a video and print interview, Alexander talks about the challenges of hiring good talent, trust in nonprofit organizations, and finances in the nonprofit sector.

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