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Podcast | How to Explain a Short-Term Job Stint, with Alexis Perrotta

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Idealist Careers’ own Alexis Perrotta joined Bossed Up podcast host Emelie Aries to give advice on how to address that short-term job stint when you’re interviewing for your next social-impact opportunity.

Bossed Up offers career and personal development resources to empower women in the workplace and beyond.

On this edition of the Bossed Up podcast, Alexis shared tips on how to "find the positive" when explaining what led you to quickly leave a past job:

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“You have to be able to identify something that you did there. Something that you learned even if it didn’t necessarily have to do with the office environment or your direct supervisor.”

Alexis suggests making it clear to your interviewers that despite a work history that may include some job hopping, you have long-term professional goals and you’re looking for a place to develop as a professional (if that’s the truth!). Here’s the language she suggests:

“I’m looking for a place to grow. I’m looking for a place to plant roots and develop all of my professional skills.”

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About the Author | Imade Borha's desire to make a social impact has taken her from advertising to journalism, and now to the world of nonprofit communications. She has a love for storytelling and serving marginalized communities.

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