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10 Resources to Help You Rock Your Job Interview

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Landing an interview after a long job search can be a huge relief. But the work isn’t over. In order to seal the deal on a job, you must be prepared when you meet the employer. Here are 10 resources to help you be prepared for an interview:

Reach out for information

Wanting to break into a new position that doesn’t necessarily align with your work experience can be a challenge. Consider asking people who are already doing the job you want if you can pick their brains for information. Setting up an informational interview can help you move into a career path you’re excited about.

Do your research before you show up

It is a good idea to spend time practicing interview questions before an interview, but that isn’t all you should be prepared for when you show up. Knowing things like the organization’s mission and place in the industry show that you are invested in the position and the organization.

Prepare to answer common questions

A quick Google search will yield plenty of results for commonly asked interview questions. With that knowledge at your fingertips, be sure to come up with creative, effective answers to questions and themes you might expect to hear on interview day.

Build rapport with your interviewer

Even with all the prep you can do before hand, it will be tough to land the job without connecting with the person interviewing you. Make it a point to make the interview as conversational and easy as you can to ensure your interviewer warms up to you.

Present your most authentic professional self

Just as you try to build rapport with the interviewer, they may try to see if they can establish a good connection with you. It isn’t bad to talk about hobbies or interests outside of work, but be sure to genuinely present your professional self to learn if this organization will be a good fit.

Master interview body language

With all the time spent on what to say during your interview, it’s easy to neglect how you carry yourself. Watch this great video from Forbes on how to know what your body language is conveying to your interviewer.

Show how you fill a need

While wanting to work for the organization is great, demonstrating to them how you help them accomplish their goals is better. While researching for your interview, think up ways to show how you can help the organization become better than they would be without you.

Determine if you and the boss are a good match

Considering you will spend the bulk of your time working directly with your supervisor, it would be prudent to get a read on what your working relationship will look like. If you’re in a position to ask your potential boss some questions, be prepared to learn as much as you can about their vision and working habits.

Ask questions throughout your interview

Most of the time at the end of an interview you’ll be asked if you have any questions. In an effort to establish rapport, don’t wait until the end to ask your prepared questions! When opportunities arise during the interview, ask whatever will help you discover if the organization will be a good fit for you.

Stay focused on the positive

If you’ve been fired from a job, chances are you sweat bullets when it comes to figuring out how to tell your potential employer why you were let go. Do your best to focus on the positive and illuminate your strengths.

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by Aaron McCoy

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