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Three Questions Hiring Managers Ask

Three Questions Hiring Managers Ask

What do hiring managers look for?

This question comes up for job seekers everywhere. Constantly. Wishing you could read minds? You may not have to- you just need to know the questions hiring managers ask themselves when deciding on a new hire.

In this handy video we help you sneak a peek into the minds of hiring managers by asking the three big questions involved in every decision to hire: 

 Can you do the job?

This is question #1 in an employer’s mind. Are you capable of doing the work involved? Convince them by listing evidence on your resume and discussing it during your interview in a way that supports your claim. Think about how you plan to present your abilities to the employer- lead with the job responsibilities you are confident you can do and use language that demonstrates your ability to shine in those areas.

Will you do the job?

This involves demonstrating your passion for the organization’s mission and excitement for the work. Just because you can do the job doesn’t mean you want to, or that you will be committed to doing it well. Show you have the work ethic needed and the passion to support you in your work with the organization. Ask yourself- if I was hiring for this position, what would I look for? Then take a look at your resume and see if you can locate the things you identified. If not, tweak it so the hiring manager has no doubt about answering this question with a “yes!”

Will you fit in?

Cultural fit- it counts! Do you understand the culture of the organization? For example, is it easygoing, playful, buttoned-up, traditional, or curious? What are its supporters called- donors, partners, freedom fighters? How an organization describes supporters, staff, volunteers, and the population they serve is very telling. If you relate to the organization’s culture, make sure it is evident in your application, and reaffirm it in your interview!

While there may be no crystal ball or mind-reading tricks to really know what a hiring manager is thinking, there are ways to anticipate what they might be looking for. Asking these three questions is a great way to start!

By Victoria Crispo

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