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Who's Hiring? 7 Orgs Seeking Remote Employees

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Janet Reyes

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The COVID-19 crisis has certainly made for some uncertain times, but we can still count on the ability of mission-driven organizations to continue doing good for their communities. While you may still be getting the hang of of social distancing, it doesn’t mean your job hunt has to come to a screeching halt! Many organizations already offer the option to work remotely, and many more are following suit during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are seven orgs seeking remote employees.

Do Big Things–Mill Valley, CA

A women-owned and led digital agency, Doing Big Things helps social-impact organizations achieve their goals by providing services like creative strategizing, digital advertising, data analytics, and more. 

The Good Food Institute–Washington, DC

The Good Food Institute focuses on creating sustainable and responsible solutions to global hunger and climate change through researching plant based alternatives and clean meat.

Youth Villages–Memphis, TN

Youth Villages helps children through mental and behavioral challenges while offering support to their families to ensure every child in their care reaches their full potential.

GiveWell–San Francisco, CA

GiveWell is an organization that conducts research on the impact of nonprofit organizations to help donors make decisions on how and where they should donate. 

MedGlobal–Oak Lawn, IL

MedGlobal provides healthcare to refugees during crises and to underserved regions. 

National Domestic Workers Alliance–New York, NY

NDWA runs campaigns that help organize domestic workers to improve labor standards and protections to ensure dignity and fairness for domestic workers, particularly women of color. 

SchoolHouse Connection–Washington, DC

SchoolHouse Connection partners with early childhood programs, higher education, and other educational programs to help homeless youth break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.


Clicked one of these organizations only to find that they’re no longer hiring? To keep you apprised of the latest in social-impact opportunities, all listings on have a predetermined expiration date.

If you’ve missed the boat on opportunities with any of the above organizations, don’t forget to explore current search results for organizations that are hiring remote employees.

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Janet Reyes

I am Idealist's Community Support Manager. After spending some time working in the world of e-commerce, I was led to Idealist by my desire to work in the nonprofit sector.

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