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A photograph of different team members looking over project plans at a long table in the office.

Even when we’re speaking the same language, we all communicate a little differently. Some people offer short, straightforward responses or explanations while others might add a ton of detail.

Knowing your own communication style—and learning to adapt to different styles—can help personal and professional success come much more easily.

Take our quiz to find out which style describes your personal and professional communication habits, and how to play to your strengths in the office. Then, share your results with co-workers so they know how to best collaborate and communicate with you on future projects.

Question 1

When starting a new project, I tend to focus on…

Question 2

Do you enjoy engaging in small talk at the office or at the start of meetings?

Question 3

When making a decision about a project, the first thing I think about is…

Question 4

You are having trouble with a co-worker who isn’t pulling their weight on a specific project. How do you navigate the conflict?

Question 5

How would your co-workers describe you at the office?


Now that you know how to communicate with your colleagues, find out how to best manage direct reports: Take Our Quiz | What's Your Leadership Style?

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Amy Bergen

Amy Bergen is a writer based in Portland, Maine. She has experience in the social impact space in Baltimore, Maryland, the educational museum sphere in Columbus, Ohio, and the literary world of New York City.

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