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6 Worksheets That Will Help You Find a Job and Advance Your Career

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We found a few downloads that offer easy action steps and ask brilliant questions that will help you manage your job search and career.

Find your dream job

  • Need help figuring out your passion? Scott Dismore of Live Your Legend created a list of 27 questions to help you reflect on what you’re good and the work you would like to do. Download the questions here (PDF).
  • While job hunting you run the risk of getting hiring managers mixed up or forgetting where you are in the application process with a particular employer. To that end we love this Microsoft Excel Job Search Tracker (hat tip: Lifehacker) where you can note the organization’s contact info, how you heard of the job, information about the job description relevant links, and more. There are also tabs for networking and interviewing. Check out the tracker here (Excel Doc from Microsoft Downloads).
  • Presenting yourself to an employer on paper is half the battle; you also have to master the job interview and a big part of that is being able to give stories and examples of how you’ll fit in and do great work. Jenny Blake, author of Life After College, has put together nine questions to help you develop anecdotes that you can share during an interview. Get the questions here (Google Doc).

Make the most of the job you have

  • While we might wish for more hours in the day, we’ll just have to settle for making the most of the time we have. The Muse advocates you use the 1 – 3 -5 rule to getting things done: Assume that each day you can only accomplish one big thing, three medium things, and five small things. Download the to-do list here (PDF).
  • We’ve talked about the power of tracking small wins before, but it bears repeating here as well. By tracking your small accomplishments, you feel good and see your growth over time. Michele Martin of the Bamboo Project Blog created an easy journal you can complete each day to celebrate your small wins. Get the journal here on the Bamboo Project Blog.
  • Ready to take a long-term, project based approach to your career growth? Bridgespan has developed a 70-20-10 professional development guide for managers and their direct reports. Not a manager? You can still benefit from the great tips and actionable worksheet to help you learn the difference between professional development that helps you as a leader and professional development that helps you in your role. Download the guide and worksheet here.

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by Allison Jones

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