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About Us

VIVA Strategy + Communications is a social impact consulting firm providing transformative strategy and communications services to nonprofits, public agencies, and philanthropic organizations.

VIVA believes that strategic planning and implementation processes can and should be transformative—for the organization, for its constituents, and for the staff and board members involved in planning. To achieve this, we design and facilitate processes that engage, inspire, and spark new insights. We guide organizations to assess their roles in their communities, consider new and unlikely opportunities for impact, and decide how to invest their time and resources for maximum return.

Through our forward-thinking strategic capacity building services, we work closely with leaders to develop the organizational capacity they need for long-term impact. We develop strategies to strengthen organizational and leadership effectiveness internally and with community partners. We plan and facilitate staff trainings, we design technical assistance to support partners and grantees, and we develop presentations and key messages for stakeholder outreach.

Social impact organizations have greater impact when they don’t go it alone. We are dynamic developers of partnerships because we understand that solving complex social challenges requires cross-sector solutions. VIVA has deep experience building and sustaining collective impact initiatives and community collaboratives that lead to long-term shared success. We help our clients forge strong partnerships, align resources and goals, develop effective governance structures, and craft common messages.

VIVA understands that effective communications bring strong strategy to life. Through strategic communications planning and execution,we help social impact organizations strengthen messages, inspire key audiences, and achieve desired outcomes for maximum impact.VIVA’s in-house communications staff provides end-to-end communications services, creating and executing tailored communications strategies that are targeted, responsive, and visionary. Our comprehensive services include communications planning, brand strategy and development, web design, copywriting, graphic design, social media, digital and print marketing, video production, public relations, and event planning.