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About Us

Open Eyes Open Heart is a fundraising company that promotes charitable giving through quality products to bring awareness, advocacy, and action to your nonprofit organization’s important cause.
 Raise Funds For Your Nonprofit – Receive 50% of Sales!

No Risk | No Start-Up Fees |  Guaranteed Success | Big Profits

How does it work?  Open Eyes Open Heart will donate 50% of all sales generated by your organization after your account is approved.

Who?   Any approved 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization such as Schools, Sport Teams, Church Groups, Sororities, Fraternities and After School Programs that are eligible to engage in fundraising activity under applicable state and federal law.

Where?   We offer web-based  services, so fundraising can be done anytime and anywhere!

When?  Your event can be any day of the week and as long as you need.

How?  go to:

Open Eyes Open Heart is an all-in-one fundraising company invested in making the world a better place.

Services include:  ♥ catalogs  ♥ affiliate program  ♥ online parties  ♥ trunk shows  ♥ custom packaging & designs  ♥ campaigns for cause  ♥ cause marketing  ♥ signature jewelry  ♥ coaching and expert advice  ♥ wholesale pricing  ♥ school fundraising packages