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Earth Day 2022: Ways to Invest in Our Planet

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Carol Walton


Earth Day is a global event held every April 22 to encourage us to reflect on how we can protect our environment. We celebrate Earth Day to spread awareness and support local and worldwide efforts to protect the environment against climate change. 

Earth Day may be an annual celebration, but we can make daily, sustainable choices that align with this year’s theme, “Invest in our planet.” 

It all starts at home

Celebrate Earth Day daily by changing some of your at-home habits. The following is not an exhaustive listing, but just a few habits for daily greener living:

Clean up a public area 

Participating in a community cleanup is an incredible way to celebrate Earth Day. Some cleanup activities include trash and litter collection, beautifying public areas, and gardening. Community cleanups can help raise awareness about the harmful effects of litter and can be an innovative way to introduce initiatives such as composting and recycling to neighbors. You can also participate in the Great Global Cleanup campaign to help remove trash and plastic pollution from local beaches, parks, trails, rivers, and lakes. 

Support eco-friendly brands and products

Eco-friendly products are generally made with recycled or organic materials, are longer-lasting, and do not use toxic chemicals, making them safer than other products. As a consumer of eco-conscious products, look for brands that use less packaging. Also, consider purchasing from local sources. This helps stimulate your local economy, decreases transportation pollution, and helps maintain a lower carbon footprint. Overall, in addition to being safer to use, eco-friendly products reduce energy consumption and aid in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.



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Carol Walton profile image

Carol Walton

As Program Manager of the Idealist Action Incubator, Carol offers guidance and support to our community of action-takers.