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Help your organization reduce its carbon footprint by Incorporating eco-friendly initiatives at the office.

Why this recipe matters

Composting can minimize greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 84 percent, while using recycled paper can reduce landfill waste.



1. Introduce composting to your co-workers.

  • Set up a compost bin in your workplace’s kitchen or by outdoor trash cans. Some municipal waste services collect compost in cities; if your municipality does not support composting, then search for community gardens that will accept compost, or find out if employees are interested in taking compost home.
  • The city of Portland has a helpful resource for setting up a compost bin at the office, including tips for how to talk to your office building’s property manager, set up service with a compost collection company, and educate employees.

2. Offer incentives for green initiatives.

  • Ask your human resources department about introducing green perks, such as rewarding employees who carpool, bike, or use public transportation to commute to work. Beyond monetary incentives, some employers offer benefits like on-site bike storage to encourage human-powered commutes.

3. Use eco-friendly products.

  • Invest in reusable plates and utensils. Consider using energy-efficient light bulbs, installing motion-sensing lights, or choosing a green energy plan that relies on wind and solar power instead of fossil fuels.

4. Add more greenery to the office.

  • Bring air-purifying plants to the office, or add benches to outdoor areas so employees can relax outside.

5. Go paperless.

  • Avoid printing non-essential documents. If there are some documents that need to be in-hand, print them on recycled paper (and make the switch to recycled office supplies, in general). 

Nutritional Information

How this recipe has nurtured a community

“I live in a small town and have tried to bike to work in the past, but I don’t like bringing my bike into the building. I asked my office if we could install a bike rack outside, which has made it so much easier to bike to work every day. I’ve even got a few buddies to join me. We’re trying to set up weekly rides after work.” 

— Jordan A, Virginia

Finishing Touch

Involve all staff members in your green efforts by launching an organization-wide volunteer day. Explore volunteer opportunities on Idealist where staff members can plant trees, clean up public spaces, or collect donations to support environmental efforts.