The Coral Reef Alliance

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About Us

For more than 20 years, the Coral Reef Alliance has worked to unite communities to save coral reefs. The organization works with local communities, non-governmental organizations, government entities and scientists from around the world to advance conservation efforts.

• We work with communities to address local threats such as poor water quality and overfishing

• We develop conservation financing plans to help communities autonomously create, protect and sustain marine protected areas and coral reef ecosystems

• We connect local communities to science and research that drives more informed management decisions

• We engage with policymakers and government officials to advocate on behalf of local conservation efforts that protect coral reefs

CORAL is spearheading an innovative conservation strategy that addresses the long-term survival of coral reefs through today’s changing environment. Our success will generate the blueprint on how we can work together to save corals.

The CORAL team is dedicated, passionate, and action oriented. CORAL has 23 team members at its main office in Oakland, and field teams at project sites in Fiji, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Honduras. Governed by a thirteen-member Board of Directors and supported by a flourishing group of conservation leaders and donors, CORAL has an annual budget that has grown to $3.5M.