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About Us

EnrichLA is a community wellness non-profit organization that works to enrich the health and education of K-12 public school students by building organic, environmentally responsible gardens on school campuses within Los Angeles County, focusing on schools found in low-income and under-served neighborhoods.

 Our school gardens are inexpensive, promote community involvement, encourage respect for our delicate planet, act as outdoor classrooms, cheer up school campuses, help students build a good work ethic, and promote thoughtful and healthy eating habits. 

In addition, EnrichLA offers an educational Garden Ranger Program to over 60 schools, in which a Garden Ranger teaches weekly garden classes and is responsible for the maintenance of the school garden. 

Within four years, EnrichLA has built over 100 school gardens and has established the weekly Garden Ranger Program in over 60 K-12 schools, reaching over 150,000 students each year. The Garden Ranger Program has proven to be successful in engaging students with nature, helping them understand how food is grown, grasping concepts of sustainability, developing healthy eating habits, instigating creativity and promoting community involvement. Through our interdisciplinary garden-based curriculum, students learn about science, language, healthy habits, environmental stewardship - all through the context of the garden.