Haiti Communitere

  • Port-au-Prince




19 Rue Pelican
Clercine 4

About Us

Haiti Communitere is a Haiti based organization that operates the Sustainability Resource Center in Port-au-Prince. Located within walking distance of the international airport, our center works as a hub for international groups to develop and launch pilot development projects, manage on the ground projects, and network with other similary focused in-country groups. We pride ourselves in our ability to lower our partners' overhead costs while redistributing revenue back to Haitian initiated projects. Our Community Liason works directly with community groups by finding driven members of their community that just need that extra something to make their idea a reality. Working together is the only way we are able to assure our resource center and our community assistance programs address the actual needs and desires of beneficiaries. Our aim is to enable local and international community workers to come together a better serve their communities through the access to our physical space, base resources, and social and professional network.