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About Us


Possible Nepal is an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal that house and cares for ten wonderful children. These children come from tragic circumstances, many of them victims of the earthquake that devastated Nepal in 2015. They may not have much, but within the loving community at Possible Nepal, they thrive. Children are growing here with homely environment.

Please watch this small Video about our children and mission: 


Basic Information :

This organization is always thinking about the better future of orphan/labor and helpless children for their better future. Provide good homely environment with regular food, health check up, quality education, good care with safe environment to children are main objective of organization. 

It is non profit organization which is registered in Nepal government and renew on a time with follow all government rules. Volunteers at Possible Nepal are welcome to assist in all the activities of the orphanage. A typical day includes helping the children.These are work and responsibility of volunteer. 

- Help to do homework.

- Walking them to and from school.

- Helping to prepare their meals and most importantly...PLAYING ( These children love to play and you can make them so happy by joining in the fun) .

When the children are at school, there is still plenty to do. This is a small organization with limited staffing and volunteers often help :

- work in social media as it needs to advertise a lot.

- Volunteers can lend a hand however they choose, from painting the building to helping to boost our social media presence. Possible Nepal loves to put the talents of our volunteers toward the benefit of our children.

- Help children to wash their hand, brush teeth, Teach them about neat and clean, help to take shower with hot water in orphanage.

- Telling them story, poem, singing, ... ... in weekend ,,,drawing 

- Download cartoon, song,music and ... ... by internet in orphanage (we have internet in orphanage 24 hours) and help children give extra knowledge and fun. 

The Possible Nepal staff is also more than willing to help volunteers to coordinate further service and adventure in Nepal. Whether you want to teach in Government school during the day time ( If you want) . 


We have one volunteer apartment that is a quick five minutes walk from the orphanage. The space is complete with two beds, 24 hours electricity, WiFi, and hot showers.It is on rooftop. 

Some volunteers can also be accommodated with near by host families for an authentic Nepali experience.Here is also hot water available.

Volunteers are welcome to eat with the children and staff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know you will enjoy our delicious local cuisine. 

Note: we have 24 hours good internet ( WiFi) in Orphanage. So , people can use internet in orphanage without any extra paying. 

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Volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal (Volunteer Opportunity)