Environmental Integrity Project

  • DC

About Us

Clean air, fresh water, and a healthy natural environment are essential to human survival. Irresponsible and illegal actions by some industries threaten these resources and imperil public health and welfare. The integrity of our environmental laws—which help keep our air clean, our food healthy, and our cherished natural habitats safe—rests upon the vigorous enforcement of those laws. EIP focuses on:

Breathing new life into environmental laws—ensuring that laws designed to protect the public are actually enforced, so that pollution is held at bay and law-abiding businesses can compete on a level playing field.

Breaking new ground in making environmental data locally relevant—helping the public access environmental data and use that data in their advocacy efforts.

Bringing home the personal and communal effects of pollution—elevating citizens’ voices in the media, legislature, and environmental agencies that were established to protect them.

EIP combines research, reporting, and media outreach to spotlight illegal pollution, expose political intimidation of enforcement staff, and encourage federal and state agencies to take enforcement action to stop these practices. EIP’s work has been cited in Congressional hearings and debates, in reports by the US General Accountability Office, and in frequent news articles.