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About Us

Our Mission: The Art Song Preservation Society of New York (ASPS) is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to preserving, revitalizing, and promoting the art song repertoire and the art song recital. We do this by providing a variety of enriching and engaging programs, services, and events thatpromote the education and performance of classical vocal concert repertoire.

What Is Art Song? An art song is a music composition for voice and instrumental accompaniment. The text of these songs is derived from poetry resulting in the unification of two art forms: the poetic text and music. This makes the art song a dual art and one of the greatest (albeit oftentimes most neglected) gifts in the realm of classical music. When the ideal proportions are met – the heartfelt piano accompaniment, the exquisite voice, and the endearing poetry – one cannot help but be affected by it. It touches the mind. It touches the soul. It touches humanity.

What We Do: ASPS serves the New York City area by creating opportunities for education and performance in the genre of classical art song vocal literature to classical singers, piano collaborators, and art song aficionados. Our organization also generates exposure for emerging and established composers of art song to their key public – singers, teachers, accompanists, and enthusiasts! With the financial support of grants and generous patrons of the arts, we offer opportunities for artistic development such as private and group voice lessons, workshops, a master class series, and educational lectures through the year. In addition to creating performance opportunities for emerging artists, we also sponsor both the Mary Trueman Vocal Arts Competition and a mentoring program for singers and pianists. Finally, we share our passion for art song with everyone within our reach: recital and concert performances open to the public; community outreach and music therapy partnerships; and an exciting and informative internet-radio podcast show titled "A Toast To Song." that has allowed us to expand beyond the New York City area.

“If Music Be The Food of Love, Sing On, Sing On, Sing On!” ASPS is a beacon of light and an invaluable resource for emerging concert recitalists, piano collaborators, teachers, students, and anyone who cares to witness the pinnacle of artistic beauty. So if you have a genuine interest in the fusion of word and tone, rhythm of language, and the quality and beauty of the human voice, come experience the exuberance and joy of art song singing with the Art Song Preservation Society of New York: where music speaks and words sing!

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