Shantidhara Social Service Society

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About Us

Shantidhara Social Service Society is a non-profit organization working for the education, health and agriculture development of rural poor of Visakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. The Organization registered under the Indian Statutory laws and its aims & objectives are:

To enable the developmentally abandoned poor identify their own problems, devise their own solutions and design the own plan of action.

To organize the poor into groups, setup their own institution and capable to manage and run by themselves where they can discover their own space.

To improve the situation of the children giving special emphasis to skill development, education and health facilities.

To improve the health status of the poor people by reducing waterborne & pregnancy related and vitamin & iodine deficiency related disorders.

To ensure education for all, both adult (female and male) and children, giving special emphasis on girls' education.

To find out viable income sources and create employment for the poor through IGA programs.

To provide agricultural extension services to the farmers to increase productivity and ensure food security.

To empower women through bringing change in behaviour, skill, attitude and knowledge by ensuring their participation in all sectors of development. Make them self-dependent through involving then in income generation activities.