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Hillside Health Care International (HHCI) is a US-based non-profit that provides free medical care and disease prevention to an impoverished, underserved, and diverse population in the Toledo District of southern Belize.

The people of the Toledo district live in precarious socioeconomic conditions: 83% live in rural areas and 79% live in poverty. Almost 25% of its residents do not have access to potable water. The under-5 mortality rate is almost double the national rate. At 1.2 physicians and nurses per 1000 people, the district is one of the least served by health care professionals.

HHCI has worked in Belize since 2000 to improve access to the health and quality of life for the people living in the Toledo district. Located in Eldridgeville, Hillside provides primary care year-round at its outpatient clinic and on mobile clinics to 16 villages. We also offer physical rehabilitation, pharmacy, and home care services including hospice/palliative care. Hillside Clinic has seen substantial growth in recent years with over 9,800 visits in 2016.

Community outreach and education have important roles in Hillside’s mission. Outreach and education take place in schools and villages, at health fairs, and with community organizations. Education covers a range of topics such as disability awareness, nutrition, diabetes, bullying, sexual and reproductive health, and dental hygiene.

Hillside’s services are based on needs identified by volunteer practitioners, the people living in the Toledo district, on-going collaborations with the Ministries of Health and Education, and local and international organizations such as the Belizean Red Cross and Community Health Workers.

Hillside has also had a teaching mission since its beginning. Under the direction of the Medical Director, Program Directors, and volunteer licensed physicians and clinicians, students are exposed to the practice of health care in an international setting through multi-disciplinary, structured rotations. Every month, 13-15 medical, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy and public health students and residents from the US, UK, Europe, and Australia fulfill elective requirements through Hillside's educational rotations and get hands-on experience working side-by-side with volunteer preceptors.

HHCI is an IRS approved 501(C)3 organization. Please visit www.hillsidebelize.org for more information.

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