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About Us

We supply both information and samples to help those in developing country rural areas to have some energy - heat and electricity.

For example Biogas from small DIY plastic digesters using food scraps, vegetables, etc

Small pv cells for those who are without mains electricity and have no alternative to dry cells and wick lamps. PV solar also powers radios and mobile phones.

To minimise costs, small solar panels are assembled locally and can cost under $2 per watt. DIY Solar has very little resemblance to Solar Home Systems!

Initially we supply samples and leaflets and expect the order of a Basic kit that allows one to test the concept by solar powering several radios. When sent an outline order we forward a proforma invoice for whatever is required. We have supplied samples to hundreds of contacts and projects are underway in Africa and South America. One project has been featured in a Kenyan newspaper!