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About Us

CIIRD Uganda is a local not for profit organisation mainly working to iprove the liives of people living in rural areas of Masaka and Lwengo, Uganda.

Our mission is to alleviate poverty among families in rural communities through innovative and environmentally sensitive activities that bring about lasting solutions and developmental impact in communities. We work with farming communities that are challenged by the effects caused by climate change to provide them with knowledge, skills and tools to tackle these challenges so they can be more resilient and maintain more sustainable livelihoods.

Our programs seek to empower and build the capacity of people living in rural areas to have livelihood opportunities that they can rely on in the changing environment where farming, their main source of subsistence, is threatened. 

Among other programs are those where we work with eco-schools to improve the learning environments for children, those that bring safe water to water-poor communities, supporting self-help projects in housing, nutritional health, and others.

Our projects are mainly participatory and community driven as local people are involved in every step and in the decision-making of development projects in their communities.