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About Us

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya (KSV) empowers, supports and encourages children from socially marginalised and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their full potential and attain a better life. This is done through an intensive and comprehensive educational program of academics and music which is undertaken in a peaceful rural residential setting.

In such an atmosphere the children learn many social skills and we ensure they receive a nutritious diet and adequate healthcare facilities. Care, love and compassion are fundamental elements of the whole process.

Founded in November 2002, KSV is located in a quiet valley near the city of Dharwad in Karnataka State, South India. Established on three acres of land a short distance from Kalkeri Village, the school consists of simple buildings made from traditional materials. In this peaceful setting, the children enjoy the tranquillity necessary for their academic studies, music practice and other cultural activities.

KSV is traditional and modern in its educational approach at all times. Tradition is taught through the ancient disciplines of Indian Classical Music. The modern educational programme is based on the educational syllabus in Karnataka State, and great emphasis is put on teaching English as the main language of communication. Computer studies are also important to prepare the students to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving world.

The school provides a musical and academic education to one hundred and sixty children. In addition, food, accommodation, health care and clothing are also provided, and everything is free. There are no fees at all.

The students are trained and taught by a team of experienced and motivated teachers, and many of the music teachers are professional and renowned musicians in their own right. A professional and dedicated team also looks after the children’s physical, psychological and welfare development.

In its early development the parents had doubts about the pertinence of their children learning music on such an intensive level, but with time our methods have proven effective and have yielded very promising results indeed.

The children have worked hard at all their studies and have given several excellent and highly acclaimed musical performances.

The school is now integrated with its environment and the waiting lists for admission to the school are testament to its growth.