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About Us

Help us inspire and guide thousands of students each year to discover and pursue a passion for science/engineering while helping to solve both local and world challenges. MSSEF programs invest in schools and teachers so that their students in grades 6-12 can work on independent research and innovation projects, guided by a teacher or mentor through the school year.  

To enable every student to succeed, MSSEF’s “Curious Minds Initiative” (CMI) provides professional development courses for teachers, mini-grants to schools, online resources, and mentoring programs for students working on independent research projects in underserved, diverse communities.  In this research process, students develop important life and career skills that are required for the most exciting and high-paying jobs in every sector.   

MSSEF organizes year-end showcases and science fair competitions. Thousands of MA students each year participate in local and regional events, and the students with the most outstanding research and innovation projects earn a place in the MSSEF statewide Science & Engineering Fair at MIT, where they compete for over $500,000 in scholarships and prizes.


The MSSEF vision: A future where every student is empowered through learning in science and engineering practices.


MSSEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that was founded in 1949 by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a group of innovative science educators. For seven decades, MSSEF programs have advanced science literacy and inspired new generations of science and engineering leaders.