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About Us

MIKE Program (Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program) connects caring adults to guide teens to healthier behaviors. Our mission is to empower youth to be health leaders--ambassadors for healthy kidneys--through education, mentorship and community outreach. Youth dream and develop their own creative tool to prevent chronic disease by promoting healthy kidneys to their friends and neighbors. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, risky behaviors, and poor social skills lead to chronic disease decades earlier than in the past. MIKE Program places caring adult role models in groups of disadvantaged youth in school settings to guide their progress through a comprehensive health education curriculum. Instructors manage the lesson plans and navigate the site requirements. Mentors enrich the youth experience in the classroom and the community on field trips to institutions of higher education, dialysis centers, grocery stores, etc.

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Interested in helping today’s youth develop through health education? Mentor with MIKE! (Volunteer Opportunity)

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