Our Generation Voluntary Organisation

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About Us

The Our Generation Voluntary Organization (OGVO) was founded in 2004 in order to enable young people to use their leisure time for international volunteering, interns, cultural exchange programs etc. in Ghana. OGVO is a non-profit and non-governmental African Organisation.


OGVO is involved in mission works including volunteerism in all fields especially working in schools, orphanage homes, hospital and many more. In addition, also involves in community services and travel, raise funds for building projects or refurbishing dilapidated building in schools, libraries, hospitals, community centers etc. in remote areas in Ghana.


Our Generation Voluntary Organisation prides itself with bridging cultures, languages, sex and race, thereby building a healthy environment for all volunteers and interns. Our volunteer programs/projects are suitable for anyone on a Gap Year, Career Break or for anyone looking to do a short term volunteer program.


Our Generation Voluntary Organization works in partnership with individuals, groups, institutions and organizations in Ghana that are into developmental activities, and provide diverse range of opportunities to volunteers around the world who want to become part of volunteer community in Ghana.