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About Us

College Track is a national college completion program that empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college. From the summer before 9th grade through college graduation, our 10-year program removes the barriers that prevent students from earning their college degree. We provide students with comprehensive academic support, leadership training, community service opportunities and college advising in high school and college to teach them the skills necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

College Track started in 1997. We currently serve over 1,600 high school and college students in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, New Orleans, Colorado, and Los Angeles. By 2016, we will double the number of students served to over 3,000. In 10 years, we will serve over 10,000 students and increase our number of college graduates tenfold. Over our 16-year history, 92% of our high school seniors have been accepted to four-year colleges and our college graduation rate is 2.5 times the national average for low-income students. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Latest Listings

Los Angeles- Recruiter (National) (Job)

Oakland- Financial Analyst (National) (Job)

Oakland- Staff Accountant (National) (Job)

New Orleans- College Completion Advisor (Job)

Denver- Site Director (Job)

East Palo Alto- Operations Manager (Job)

Oakland - Marketing Manager (National) (Job)