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About Us

Washington Business Week is a rigorous week-long business education program for all high school students. Each year, the program is delivered to more than 3,000 students across during summer and in-school sessions. the program recruits volunteer business mentors to teach business, ethics, leadership, personal accountability, and financial literacy. Students work in small groups as "companies", each completing with the others in the world of production, marketing and finance.

Through Washington Business Week, students learn professional skills necessary for becoming productive members of their local economy, as well as the life skills critical for strong social, academic, and professional development. In addition to basic business principles, students learn about teamwork, leadership, and setting real life goals. They learn to make informed, rational decisions as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, and members of the workforce. They are also exposed to positive examples of business and professionals, reinforcing the important role of the American “free enterprise” economic system.