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About Us

Our Mission To cost-effectively empower young people, children and women choose a better future for themselves within an environment that enables positive social changes through facilitating sustainable youth and rural development initiatives in Africa.

Our Vision AFRYDEF envisions a society where youths, women and children are seen as assets and resources, and thus are encouraged to develop their full potentials.

Objectives i) To contribute to the alleviation of structural poverty in the rural areas

ii) To promote structures, systems and processes that lead to the equitable distribution of resources and power

iii) To strengthen the capacities of community-based organizations and the civil society in peace building and development cooperation.

iv) To build local capacities for early warning and response mechanisms at incidences of political and humanitarian crises.

v) To provide information and services on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and other related issues to young people. AND

vi) To source for and share knowledge and know - how in the field of rural and youth development, with the major aims of informing and influencing public polices and local practice.

How you can help us


We need volunteers that will be able to: i) Act as liaison officers for AFRYDEF in their respective cities and countries; ii) Raise funds for AFRYDEF when necessary and collect all gift items meant for the organization in their localities; iii) Publicize the work of the organization to other organizations operating in their localities; iv) Facilitate partnership opportunities for AFRYDEF with other organizations, private foundations and agencies in their localities


AFRYDEF has been extremely successful in its acquisition of sustenance grants and local donations. Through its partnerships with government institutions like the Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Council, the organization has secured monthly grants for the sustenance of its Multi-purpose Communtiy Development Resource Center and library projects in the area. Local Sponsored funding has also increased tremendously. AFRYDEF’s local, national and international reputation assures us that the organization will remain competitive in funding competitions.

Despite the successes recorded within our first five years, funds remain a constant constraint. Without support, we cannot grow to realize our full potentials, meeting the needs of improving the lives of rural populations and young people that we serve.

What Your Support will do

Your support will help us build capacities of primary school teachers as well as help us provide books and learning facilities to children who attend these ill-equipped schools and in our Multi-purpose Community Development Resource Centers in the rural areas. Your support will help us build the capacities of health care workers in providing cost-effective reproductive health services, HIV counseling, family planning and safe motherhood services to the rural populations as well as youths who are mostly at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Your support will help us to reduce the incidences of ethnic/economic driven youth violence in these highly underdeveloped and environmentally degraded oil producing Niger Delta communities of Nigeria. Your support will help us in empowering young people with skills in computer operations, agricultural ventures and small scaled manufacturing businesses

You just have to click on our current programs and projects to know how your kind support can affect the lives of millions of people positively or e-mail us at

Our Appeals and Needs


To be able to achieve the objectives we have set out for AFRYDEF, we need all kinds of supports from individuals, private foundations, government agencies, donor organizations and bilateral organizations in the areas of information exchange, technical cooperation and financial aid. We are therefore appealing that you please enter into partnership with us, to enable us cost - effectively and swiftly actualize our mission in Africa.

The message from the secretariat of Freedom from Hunger Campaign, Rome, 1965 says:

"Partnership does not imply an automatic right to expect, or responsibility to give, massive financial assistance for projects. Partnership schemes are conceived as an interchange of ideas, information, problems and methods of working, to the mutual enrichment of both partners."

OUR NEEDS: In view of our ongoing projects in the rural areas of Nigeria, especially in the oil producing communities of Imo State and other Niger Delta States of Nigeria, we are in dire need of the following:

i) Used textbooks (in Pure Sciences, Social Sciences, Management, Politics, History, etc), light reading novels, reference books, journals on different subject areas for junior-level, intermediate-level and senior-level readerships for use in our Multi-purpose Community Development Resource Centers/Library Projects and book donations to schools in rural communities of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Discarded books from public and school libraries, research institutions and universities are highly welcomed.

ii) Specialized publications and newsletters on HIV/AIDS, Conflict Resolution/Transformation, Human Rights, Reproductive Health, ICT Development, Agriculture and Rural Development, etc are highly welcomed from international governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as private foundations.

iii) Fairly-used Personal Computer systems and its accessories for use also at our Multi-purpose Community Development Resource Centers for training young people and students, especially graduates at no costs or at user-fees rates since computer literacy has become a prerequisite for employment in work places these days. Some of the computers will also be donated to schools in these rural communities.

iv) Drugs for children’s illnesses, Eye diseases, Malaria, Tuberculosis and other infectious disease, including Anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS Patients. We also need medical equipment to complement those available in government-owned primary health care centers in these rural areas.

v) We will also be very glad to receive donations of foods, canned goods and nutritional supplements for children and malnutritioned adults.

vi) Fairly used clothing of all sizes and nappies for kids are also needed to assist unmarried teenage mothers take care of their children. These will also be used to support children orphaned by AIDS in these areas.

vii) We are also in need of your disposable flowers and other household materials that could be sold to raise money in support of our projects in these rural areas.