Art Resource Collaborative for Kids

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About Us


Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK) Boston, MA is a 501 ( C ) ( 3) non-profit that partners with underserved Boston Public Schools to provide visual art instructions to K-8 students. ARCK's goal is to have students participate in projects that explore visual art practices from different cultures and create connections between students and the community - establishing compassion, respect, and fostering assimilation. Our projects support the development and connection to student's academics- written and visual literacy as a tool for self-expression, engagement, and creativity.  We use art as a vehicle to engage students in learning and become global citizens through our three modules in leadership, civic engagement and social justice. Students learn about environmental issues while learning about STEM through ART to have them enjoy and love learning, therefore do well in school.

Art is a language to communicate our messages to change social justice issues.

ARCK’s Mission: Empowering students with high-quality arts education that fosters culture and community while also supporting a school’s learning objectives