How to Save A Life International

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About Us

How to Save a Life International, the San Andres Project and the San Andres Medical Missions are looking for volunteers to help promote and grow our mission programs in Guatemala. Our Catholic Mission programs based in the Central Highlands of Guatemala support rural communities with access to safe clean drinking water, simple housing and professionally staffed medical clinics.

The San Andres Project helps impoverished families build simple homes with indoor plumbing and safe clean drinking water. The simple things that make life, work and keeping a family healthy a little easier.

The San Andres Medical Mission builds and equips modern medical clinics that provide effective health care and treatment.

And How to Save a Life International builds large scale water purification systems at local Fire Departments to improve health and enable Fire, Rescue, EMS and Disaster Response Capabilities.

No need to be a skilled volunteer or experienced world traveler to participate or assist these mission programs. Our ten year commitment has laid the ground work to form a bridge into these communities.

A unique opportunity awaits to experience the joy, smiles, bonds and friendship that come from the gift of service to help an impoverished community have a brighter future.

For more information see our cuase website