HT -Heartwill Teyi- Travel Volunteer Organization


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About Us

Travel-Volunteer in Asia, Africa, South America.

What we do: -We help anyone who wants to volunteer, to find a community development project where he or she can make a positive impact with his or her skills. We have several affiliated projects around the world to choose from

-We help communities to find volunteers to develop their projects. You are welcome to affiliate if you are a director of a project; submit details about your project.

-We organise culture exchange programs through music, dance, arts, expositions, etc.

-We arrange airport pick up and cheap hotels or guest houses for tight budget travellers in many countries. If you are a traveller or planing your trip and need a good but cheap hotel or guest house, contact us.

-We advertise cheap hotels and guest houses. If you are a manager or director of a hotel or guest house, you are welcome to contact us.