United Hospital Fund of New York

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1411 Broadway
12th Floor
New York
United States

About Us

United Hospital Fund works to build a more effective health care system for every New Yorker. An independent, nonprofit organization, we analyze public policy to inform decision-makers, find common ground among diverse stakeholders, and develop and support innovative programs that improve the quality, accessibility, affordability, and experience of patient care.

Today, the United Hospital Fund focuses its efforts on:

  • Expanding health insurance coverage and reforming New York's Medicaid program;
  • Improving quality of care and patient safety;
  • Better meeting the needs of the aging, the chronically ill, and their family caregivers;
  • Identifying and promoting the most promising on-the-ground innovations in health care, to improve quality and care coordination, the patient experience, and the way services are organized, paid for, and used—all focused on the imperative to improve health and contain costs.

The Fund is committed to moving forward as a place of ideas, activity, and vision, independent in thought and committed to its core values.  Both its recent accomplishments and its vision for the future are explored in each year's annual report.