Cultivate International

  • Minnesota


17341 Idlewood Court
United States

About Us

Cultivate International empowers local leaders to address issues of poverty and injustice through small- scale community projects. We exist to empower those who often are the recipients of charity at the hands of privileged, community outsiders, and empower communities to take the reins of their own growth and fight against poverty and injustices. We equip leaders of minority, indigenous, and underrepresented groups to address community needs. We believe that fighting poverty, injustice, and inequality is worth our efforts. We think that community insiders, not outsiders, are the best fighters. We’re about breaking the cycle of dependency. We’re about mobilizing community development project leaders because they are the best ones to lead charitable efforts. We offer training in leadership, community development and project management, so that our partners can be fully prepared to lead and launch community programs. We connect our partners with professional coaches, volunteers and mentors who offer them their technical expertise, guidance, and support for success. Our tools and support provide a platform for fundraising so our partners can establish financial support to help realize the vision they have for their community and create sustainable impact.